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Hey there! Cleft Corner is a community of stories describing experiences of those affected by cleft (lip, nose, palate, etc.) in their life. Glad you could stop by to learn, laugh, and get to know how other clefties are living their lives!

“I Can’t Blow Up Balloons. Never could. Never will. #cleftlife”

The answers were all pretty similar: our darn noses!

Then we had our second cleft-affected son. Silly me had my moment of grief. I thought everyone would tell me I don’t deserve to have kids and that I am selfish. I honestly had a “pity me” cry session for a day and then I was over it. The day our son was born, I realized I’d been dealt this card for a reason.

Your appearance shows who you are, how you were born, what you’ve been through and how beautiful you are.


What did they expect me to say? “Well I was careening off a cliff when suddenly a condor swooped down and cut my nose up!”


My filter may look a little strange, or a little different than other people, but I am so thankful for it.