Author: Katie

Lots of things about my cleft make me laugh (or make others laugh) in a good way! I thought it would be fun to list some of those here and see if anyone has found similar funny things about their cleft.

Things Coming Out of My Nose

Alright, this can be a bit frustrating and embarrassing at times, I’ll admit it. But, I think it’s funny that as a 25 year old cleftie, two main things still cause me problems to this day.

First, brownies. Thick, chocolate brownies. I’ll blow my nose and think it’s bleeding until I realize it’s the brownie I ate fifteen minutes ago. While I do get plenty of other food and liquid in my nose at times, brownies are the only ones that make it to the forefront. I think the reason for this is what I personally call my “gap” or “pocket” (an opening that connects my throat and nose that’s not supposed to be there). I’m planning to write a separate post about that in its entirety, but for now… brownies.

The second issue has to do with drinking fountains. Especially the shorter ones. I drink the water and my head is tilted at the perfect angle for it to slide right out of my nose. Cool right? Debatable.

Being Really Good at Hearing Tests

This one may be completely false; I’ll say that up front. I don’t have great hearing and have had issues with my ears all my life (duh: life of a cleftie). I turn the TV up loud and have a hard time hearing people. My friends and family notice I can’t hear because I ask them to repeat thing or they tell me to speak louder.

But. Ever since I was about eighteen, my hearing tests have always been fine. They don’t see any issues, besides the scarring from tubes (life of a cleftie again) and wax build up. So I’ve started to believe that I am good at passing hearing tests.

I have been playing music all my life and I think this skill helps me pass. I’m good at keeping rhythm, and it has seemed like the beeps are always in a rhythm. So when I’m not sure if I heard one or not, I can usually tell when it was supposed to be and hit the button.

I don’t mean to do this! I’m not trying to pass with flying colors. I think the beeps I hear are phantom beeps in a rhythmic fashion, so I click the button. And I pass.

When it comes to the phrase repeating portion of the test, I definitely cannot “cheat” or be good at that. I’m 100% sure the audiologist has had that folder covering her mouth, said a word like fire truck, and when prompted to repeat what I heard (or didn’t hear) I’ve said “dog house” on numerous occasions.

I Used to be Able to Make the “Patrick Face”

This is a completely goofy one. I, like many, grew up watching Spongebob. My friends and I will still quote it quite often (judge us if you’d like). One day, I realized I had the skill to make it seem like I had one front tooth, and that was it. My upper lip had been deformed in a certain way from the ages of 12-20: the center of my lip arched slightly upwards and was somewhat flat as well. I goofily made this face in the mirror and laughed, showed my friend, and she immediately thought of Patrick Star from Spongebob.

When I turned 20, I had the Abbe Flap lip revision surgery which eliminated this special talent of mine. If I had to choose to have the surgery or not based on this skill today… haha of course I’d have the surgery! Goodbye Patrick Face.

I Can’t Blow Up Balloons

Never could. Never will. #cleftlife

Party Trick

My front top teeth do not touch my bottom front teeth. This allows me to take a hard and audible bite of something thin, as my back teeth still touch and allow me to chew, and then easily take out that food with my jaw still clenched. Cheese and salami are the best to display this “talent.”


I hope you enjoyed reading about some of these goofy cleft things. Let me know if you’ve experienced any of them or what your funny talents are in the comments below!



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