Cleft Corner began in 2017 as a place to learn about the unique experiences of those with clefts (clefties) or those who know someone with a cleft. Cleft Corner’s community moderator and one of the many story contributors, Katie, aims to bring the clefties of the world together by diving deep into their life experiences and thoughts of having a cleft. To learn more about Katie keep reading below.

Hey! I’m Katie. Growing up with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, I used to search the internet for advice, photos, and relatability from other clefties (for HOURS). Back then, it was hard to find. Nowadays tons of clefties are sharing their thoughts across the world.

I created Cleft Corner to provide a space for specific stories from clefties; the good, the bad, the pretty, the gross, the really tough, and the really great. I think we’ve all got unique experiences to share that go so much deeper than the “stay strong’s” and “I like being different’s” (all the while those are SO TRUE!). So let’s rock ’em.