Welcome to the first Cleft Corner Community Post! With these posts, I hope to combine everyone’s thoughts on a certain topic. Most recently, I asked adult clefties what medical issues are still prevalent due to their cleft.

The answers were all pretty similar: our darn noses! Check out some of the answers below:

“Breathing and sinus issues have become worse as I’ve grown, with my nasal cleft.”

“My main struggle today is ENT (ear, nose, and throat) stuff. Lots of sinus, allergy, and still ear issues.”

“Sinus and allergy issues (like year around). I still find it difficult to form the r-sound. (I was born with cleft palate only and didn’t have all the right tools until I was 11).”

Looks like a lot of us may have our clefts fixed on the outside, but still deal with the funky differences of our ears, noses, and throats due to our clefts on the inside. Let us know your thoughts on this by commenting below!

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